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Thursday, May 22


Ada sorang reader nih email kat Ujang pasal diri dia.... Maaf lah . Ujang lambat bagi respond sebab sibuk sikit dengan kerja...

The sun raised and I found something that felt different that something was new a feeling. I thought I lost along time ago as my salty tears fell onto her beautiful dress but she didn't seem to care. she held me in her arms that felt so comforting and I couldn't help but cry now. I undertand why they go to her. her comfort. her words.

even when she doesn't talk she's there just to be there for anyone. I wish I trusted her the first time we met. Then I wouldn't have been put threw so much pain as I am now. when the sun had set my pain was gone. and i felt and ease for once sleeping in her arms that kept me safe all night long...

What can Ujangmd says::

You hint at a lot. While it is not necessary to always make everything to your reader, consider giving us something we can latch on to, like a clue about who "her" is or what caused the pain. Also you start by mentioning the sun and then don't mention it again. This leaves me with an incomplete feeling.

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