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Friday, March 6


When a friend calls, because he/she needs somone to talk to ..just to talk .. vent .. and repeat what theyve been saying for the past 5 years ..as a real friend your supposed to listen .. and care ..simply be there .. but what if that friend of urs wanted more from you ? What if they wanted advise .. what if they wanted you to pin point exactly what they should do .. regarding a life altering situation ..

As a real friend what should you do?

Should you get your self out of it .. pretend that you have no idea, that you dont know what should be done! ..Although in my case .. and for the past 5 years i know exactly what should be done, and i know exactly that its the ONLY way out .. but i never dared even whisper it .. for many reasons ..one of them is i do not want the responsibility of what may happen later on .. also, i belive people .. mature people should decide such things on their own.

So back to the question .. if a friend asks you what to do .. and insists on it ..that it comes from you .. as a real true friend .. what should your answer be?

Hope all is well...

Posted by Ujang_MD :: 3/06/2009 05:34:00 AM :: 0 Comments:

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