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Sunday, April 20


Everyday I am thinking. Everyday I am gaining my 'strength'. To be a strong person. To live in this world. World that full of lies. Full of bluffs. All peoples including me are all the same. What differentiate peoples by each others are their way of life and way they communicate each others. And my life is a bad one. The worst one. I'm not blaming anyone. I'm just trying to be very careful here on. I have to be well prepared in order to face all those 'human habits'. I have to be very well versed in many aspects of life to succeed in every fields that i have gone through and I have to go through.

I don't care what peoples surrounding me would say about me. As long as they don't 'touch' me or my family or my best buddies, then they can get lost. As long as they respect me, then I will do the same. As long as they like me, then I will do the same. As long as they love me, then I will do the same. I will not put my life on my destiny entirely. Although the laziness always occur when I was about to do something on effort, but I will try. I know I am not as lucky as my friends, but I have something that I think no one in this world can challenge.

Yes!... My Family... My mom.. Makcik Zainung, Yeo and Kak Mayang are my most precious things in this world. They always love me, care of me, worried of me. (Damn! my tears started to fall). I Love they all more than anything else. I am not a good man. I can't provide wealth to my family. I can't see them everyday coz I must and have to stay here. Far away from them. I only can miss them so much. I only can love them with my heart. But we are happy!. There is something that can make me feel they are near to me - Thank you to 'Communication Technology'. InsyaAllah... One day I will make them happy! I promise.

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