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Saturday, March 21

I DID IT....

Fresh start....new page many names, but it means one thing, You have a chance a new one to prove yourself. To do what u always wanted to do. Some people wait for birthdays, new years, special occasions for them to be their new start days! A new start is exactly what we have the minute we open our eyes every morning.

Why wait for a certain date?

Why waste time?

Just kick it and go do what ever it is u always wanted to do. He/She only thing stoping u from doing it, is fear! fear of failure fear of judgment. Fear that u will judge ur self ... the "what ifs" .... endless what ifs that are stopping u from achieving, and moving on.

Today i did what i kept postponing for months. Today i kicked fear in the as$ and i wasnt afraid anymore. I didnt wait no longer. I didnt set a date for it. I just did it. The result, simply ...... GREAT!

I still dont know what the out come, i still dont know what will i do later on but i do know, that this is truely going to be a fresh start for me and for that im happy. I feel relaxed, i can breathe and think in a way that i miss, didnt know i missed it but now.

I hope this inspires u coz im sure many of u reading, have many things haning on ur backs waiting to be out and actually done. so just do it. Right now... do it. U dont know what ur missing. Believe me when i tell u, nothing is worth not giving it a try. At least ull stop looking like the pic up there... i know i did.

ps. i know i kept saying "doing it", by that i meant something useful to this world. So shut up.

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