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Tuesday, March 10


I dont feel like writing a post. I dont even know what to write about! I so far wrote three posts: how life is all about give and take,..then i deleted them all. because i dont feel like writing and im kind of forcing my self to write. My last post was very depressing, and for that i would like to apologize. No one was able to figure it out, but it was about cheating...but now i feel much better -alhamdulillah-

I have realized, nothing in this world is worth a moment of u not being able to smile.Seeing total strangers, smiling for me, and i smiling back helped a lot, so now when i do it, its for anyone out there who needed it as much as i did in the past few days.so, im smiling right now and i wish ur doing the same :*

love u all.

Posted by Ujang_MD :: 3/10/2009 06:44:00 PM :: 0 Comments:

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