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Wednesday, August 9


"BI2006 - Week 2 Assignment :
YOU are the new Manager for Diddy AF4. As a manager, what would you do to get Diddy to be an established singer / artist in the Malaysian Music Industry?"

Introduction : We present this paper in the form of a report format in line with the assignment to brief our intentions as a manager to get Diddy to be an established singer / artist in the Malaysian Music Industry.


Artist Manager : UjangMD & Sal
Artist : Diddy (Akademi Fantasia 4)

Artist`s Profile

Name : Syamsul Hirdy b. Muhid
Race : Malay
Age : 21 yo
Origin : KL
DOB : 5 Oktober 1985
Zodiak : Libra
Height : 183cm
Weight : 63 kg
Hobby : Singing and listening to music
Food : Sushi
Drink : Milk
Film : Buli
Song : Keabadian Cinta
Music : Balads
Singer : Anuar Zain, Marc Anthony, James Ingram
Attitude : Perseverance –determined and does not give up easily

Taking a Strategic Approach

Long term strategic planning is far more effective than uncoordinated chaotic activity. We need to make clear our plans so that activities can be coordinated, monitored and outcomes seen.
In order to improve his reputation, profile and build strong relationship with the public we need to work closely with those responsible in vocal training, fitness programme as well as have a good publicist or PR personnel. Having graduated from AF does not mean that Diddy is free to do whatever his wishes without knowing his objectives to be an established singer or artitse.
What are we trying to exploit here?. Some of the exploitation/attraction factors about Diddy is his sweet, boyish, rugged, up-to-date and trendy outlook. We need to exploit that along with is ability to sing and sustain in the industry as a capable performer. Below is what the management has to propose.

Plan for artist`s personality

  • Maintain his rugged image.
  • To have a selection of up to date trendy clothing suitable for his age.

  • As such, we need to employ a good image consultant or fashion-designer to advise him on how to construct his image. Following this we need to find a sponsor for his clothes and make-up artist (hair) for his shows.

    Plan for 6 months

  • Improve on his presentation skill by image consultant on how to face the media, the audience and coping with his nerves should he be asked sensitive questions.
  • Organize events such as a day out at the Mall for a meet the fan session
  • Promote him to the recording company.
  • Arrange for a compilation album with other AF`s artist
  • Meet-up with magazine/ entertainment editors and arrange photography sessions and interviews to sustain interest in Diddy’s career.
  • Meet radio DJ & promote his singles.

  • Future plans

    S ubsequent to the plan above, the gossips will highlight him among the new artiste, the magazine keep looking forward and writes about him and radio remains spinning his single.
    It takes years to build a good image and only seconds to destroy it. This is where the publicist’s role is important. It has to be made clear from the very beginning who the spokesperson is for Diddy. We cannot have everyone speaking on his behalf. Bearing in mind that he is engaged, the media may want to interview his fiancée too. Therefore, she too has to be briefed on what she can and cannot say within her capacity. Any wrong foothold, it may damage Diddy’s career in future.

    Therefore to sustain him in the market, in the long run, we would need to develop plans as follows:

  • Establish an informative fan site so that his existence is felt.
  • Identify potential crises and draw up a crisis plan for each scenario. Every artiste is a target for juicy gossip. Hence, Diddy has to be on the alert and be briefed frequently so as not to be caught unaware should he be hit with unwanted news.
  • Maintain a good relationship with the media so that there are constant positive coverage on Diddy.

  • With a good strategic planning out for Diddy, he is now on his way to be an established yet professional artistecwho is focused on his objective. With his constant improvement on entertaining skills, checked profile and he is set to be a reputable trendy artiste instead of not knowing where he is heading.

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