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Tuesday, December 26

Links Download Free Music!!

Haaa.. ambik korang asyik duk tanya sangat link untuk download music kan??? Nah berjela-jela Ujang kasi.....

You can download free music from many sites. Some of them allow you to buy the band's CD from the same page as the MP3 download. Among them are:

  • Jamendo - Open Your Ears
  • Ogg Frog Free Music Torrents - Bit Torrent downloads of Creative Commons-licensed music.
  • Trotch - Music is Timeless. The Music Business is Not.
  • Asian Classical Music in MP3 Format
  • Public Domain 4U - Best in Public Domain MP3s
  • kahvi collective - sound has the power to make the world a better place
  • micromusic - (I'm not sure how to describe it -- UjangMD)
  • Unsigned Band Web - We are a music portal featuring artists from all genres and all nations
  • IC-Musicmedia.com - The Interconnected Artist Community
  • Motagator Music - Cajun, Zydeco, Folk, Roots and Blues music
  • ACIDplanet - your world of music
  • Artist Label - Artist Label offers Music Artists and Bands a Free website and mp3, wma uploads for fans to stream.
  • On Classical - OnLine Classical Music Collections in MP3 and OGG Vorbis formats
  • Kunst der Fuge / On Classical - The biggest Site of *FREE* Classical Music in MIDI files
  • Piano Society - Free MP3 Recordings of Classical Music Masterpieces
  • MONSTAAR Records - 75¢ song downloads from noise, experimental, darkwave etc. bands. Free samples.
  • betterPropaganda - brings you the very best of new, cutting edge music
  • altsounds.com - alternative online music community
  • Free Music!
  • Loca Records
  • Artistopia - The Ultimate Artist Development Resource
  • Download.com Music - Free music downloads
  • AudioStreet.net - Free Music Downloads, Free Music Hosting, Free MP3 Downloads, Home For Independent Artists.
  • purevolume - we're listening to you.
  • FreeMP3Mail.com - Free music download links straight to your inbox.
  • A Meeting Place for Electronic Artists
  • UKBassline - Drum 'n' Bass, House and Garage music by unsigned artists.
  • Amazon.com - Free Music Downloads
  • Glide Magazine - Free Music Downloads
  • SoundShelf - You are the Music Industry
  • Agnula Libre Music - It's Free as in Freedom
  • ArtistGigs.com - Free MP3 Music Downloads featuring Independent and Unsigned Artists.
  • Ampcast - free mp3 downloads, music and CDs of musical artists
  • Tokyo Dawn Records - soul'n'skills.
  • peoplesound - listen to new music - find and download free mp3s
  • Out of Obscure - free electronic mp3 music download and community
  • GarageBand - Discovering the Best Independent Music
  • etree.org - the leader in lossless digital audio distribution on the internet
  • Fair for Share - All authorized by the artist. The RIAA has no jurisdiction over this music.
  • MP3 4U - Where MP3 Lunatics Run the Asylum!
  • MP3 Jackpot - One Winner A Day!
  • DMusic.com - Your Digital Music Oasis
  • The Internet Underground Music Archives - discover unsigned artists, independent bands, local talent
  • CDBaby - a little CD store with the best new independent music
  • Epitonic.com - your source for cutting edge music
  • Lulu - Digital Recording, Collaboration, Hardware, Software, News
  • SoundClick - Free MP3 music download and much, much more
  • Matador Records
  • insound - indie emo garage punk noise electronic + essentials
  • monotonik - online mp3 electronica label
  • The Live Music Archive
  • Scene.org - also see
  • the file browser
  • 8 bit recording company
  • Kikapu
  • octagone.net - this is a label for chosen music we call deconstructed.
  • The Free Music Archive

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