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Monday, March 30


How would you want to define your self?

More importantly, how can u define your self?

What are the options that were given in our life?

Most of the people i meet, ask for my name, my age, my job ..sometimes .. its my hobbies, my house ...if we try to go broader here .. you will be defined for your skin color, your race, your religion .. your political views ...ect..

Im starting to feel that each person have turned into a checked application. You fill in the right boxes, and when your done .. you decide if you want to keep that form or not .. and if u need to be incontact with that form again ..you will have to register it under a number .. or an electronic address.

Maybe im not making sense.. but the image im seeing in my head is harsh cold! Humans have lost their sense of touch. rarely do you see them welcome eachother with open arms, and a smile.

Somehow we have managed with time, money and power to dehumanise people, turned them into forms and lines - territories, materials and positions .. no one cares how your feeling, who you really are from the inside. Your surrounded with people but at the same time, deep inside you know your a stranger and alone. For that loss .. people are hating and killing eachother.

Our prophet Muhammad  was the only prophet who did not need to make miracles for people to believe in him and his message, he himself was his own miracle.. the holybook (Quran) he came with, and his heart .. his miracle human heart managed to show people how to live together .. but more importantly .. how to be at peace and love one another.

Just a very long bit tangled thought... wish everyone is well!

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