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Monday, March 23


Every human is on a task, its an obligation to try and please yourself, be happy. We all want to be happy ... that's why we live this life .. no body wants to live it being miserable and sad. Trying/wanting to be happy makes us wake up every morning, and do what we all do.

It is the main reason for us, being happy and reaching the ultimate happiness which is of course in the after life, if we ever make it to heaven insyaallah ..... -fingers crossed-

Sometimes i feel like, wanting to be happy makes me unhappy!

Which got me thinking I'm sure with all the variety of people around .. they all have their own simple little ways of trying to be happy when they're not. I'm really curious to know.. what are the other ways...???

So my question......

Yeah my point was .. i want to be happy ... what should i do?

*ps: -brown makes me happy-

Posted by Ujang_MD :: 3/23/2009 10:57:00 PM :: 0 Comments:

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