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Tuesday, March 31


Really really do,
the world is filled with people and its only normal for them to think differently, have different backgrounds and take different stances.

Politics only enhance these differences and turns them into a problem! Politics seeks to let some get over the heads of some, to take whats not theirs, to get into struggles and endless arguments .. politics has been through all ages described as "UGLY" and thats the truth. Its dark and it dismantles the natural balance of society.
"A man who does not think for himself does not think at all. It is grossly selfish to require of one's neighbour that he should think in the same way, and hold the same opinions. Why should he? If he can think, he will probably think differently. "

What i hate more than politics is "IGNORANCE" people who take stances with out any research or information, people who are being brainwashed and spoon fead all what they know .. people who do not think for them selves and just want to think and say what everyone else is saying! This is the bigger problem.

I wish all of whats happening would stop, whats in the past is in the past .. the present says that were all living on this peaceful loving land .. why isnt it bringing up people that are peaceful and loving as well? whos falt is that? no titles for once ,, no strikes for once ,, no fights for once,, no bashing for once .. just us .. living together understanding one another .. thats all it takes.

I would like to end with a prayer: Dear Allah please let us live in peace, dont let us fight any more.. let this crisis pass on quickly and let it be the last one insyallah .. Allah please protect MALAYSIA from any harm, even if it was from eachother .. again let us be at peace and content ya Allah.

hope everyone is well :)

Opss... lepas geram jer!!

Posted by Ujang_MD :: 3/31/2009 06:23:00 AM :: 0 Comments:

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