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Tuesday, April 7


Yes, i do indeedy believe i am happy. Im happy in the parts of my life that matter to me the most right now.

Thanks for all those wonderful comments. math or not, sometimes you just gotta figure it out your own way. Someone asked if i read all the comments and yes i do. I moderate them to make sure i do.

You know, ive gotta be happy because if things hadnt happened how they happened i wouldnt be where i am now and looking forward towards a great future with a great person soon.

I think when we regret things, we look at all the good things that could have come from different decisions instead of the potentially disastrous things that happen every day that might have happened and we have no control over.

So im thankful im here and that nothing disastrous has happened. Im happy i went where i went this summer. And im happy i met who i met and i love who i love. And im happy im experiencing this all now (sad times and all of it) because if i wasnt then i wouldnt have done all those things and i wouldnt have great things to look forward to.

So yes, i am happy.

Posted by Ujang_MD :: 4/07/2009 08:10:00 AM :: 7 Comments:

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