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Wednesday, November 29

For YOU???

My beloved.... I do not feel sensible at all this night, I feel unhappy. Let me cry a little. It would be so fine to cry in your arms. I cry because I do not cry in your arms, this is not sensible at all because if I were in your arms I should not cry. It is stupid to write love letters, love is not something you can put in letters..I am not wise but rather a coward and until my coming back, I was reluctant, a little afraid to admit love in all its deepness and strength...it means now my happiness is in your hands and in a way i should rather have kept it in mine, but well..I cannot help it anymore, I have to admit this dependence..

I shall not interfere with your freedom...I am a little afraid of love, it makes me rather stupid. Anyway I spoke the way I felt, I shall say something more since I have it in the heart: dearest, now I love you so much do not begin to love me less...My own beloved one, ... I love you but do I deserve your love if I do not give you my life? I tried to explain to you I cannot give my life to you. Are you resentful about it? will you never be? ...the question is in my heart and my heart aches with it: is it right to give something of oneself without being ready to give everything.

I dont know my dearest.. not only you cry at that moment,me myself, cry at that moment too,now im crying too, last night i even get an ashpyxiated cause my tears..dearest dearest dearest.. trust me, i dont need anything to be given..i just ask you one thing, please accept my love, accept my dependence.. i only trust you this time..i even feel so much nausea to my around, i only want you.. want to be in your arms too.. it is what i have realized, i need you so much.. maybe you can call it opiate.. i am addicting to you..dearest..

Please not to sad again..i always want to set my arms in yours..maybe now we have to comply the God of time, but it would be a journey to an endless moment we will take together.. amien.and remember one thing, that i always put my imagination to you, never get you out of my mind, thats why im paining myself as i see you werent here..dearest..im longing to you.. Yes.... Sorry.. Omputih tunggang langgang....Hmm lambatnya esok........

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